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About Brattle Street Round Table

The Brattle Street Round Table was established in 1994 as a center of excellence for government policy. Given that over 85% of all government initiatives are regulatory or legislative in nature, Brattle Street has established itself as a leading expert in regulatory and legislative processes.

The philosophy behind the Brattle Street Round Table is that clients should have access to a pool of expertise. The synergism that this promotes between and amongst the client and principals can lead towards the identification of superior policy choices.


The Brattle Street Round Table has three principal associates:

  • Ian Hornby was a manager in government of a unit responsible for regulatory reform. Since leaving government he has become a leading specialist in alternative regulatory analysis providing his services to many government departments. He holds an MPA from Harvard University and is a certified training designer and provider.
  • Doyne Ahern has assisted Transport Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the Department of Justice on projects designed to communicate and regulatory and legislative requirements. She is an expert on plain language.
  • Natalie Hébert has provided regulatory services to Transport Canada and for the last four years has provided assistance to the Department of National Defence, where she is well versed in the particulars of the National Defence Act and the Queen's Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Forces.


Brattle Street's offices are located at:

Minto Business Centre,
440 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 200,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
K1R 7X6

Phone: (613) 612-4798
Email: consult@brattlestreet.ca