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How to Formulate Regulations and Other Government Programs.

This workshop provides participants with many of the core skills needed to initiate and refine a regulatory programme or any other kind of programme or policy.

$995* + HST Three days

  • December 1, 2 and 9 2014
  • Email us for other dates in 2014/15

Location and Time

440 Laurier Avenue West, 2nd floor. 9:00am to 4:30 pm.


Participants are guided through a five-step process for setting objectives and analyzing different solutions or responses.

Through two practice sessions, participants will become better problem solvers, capable of evaluating a set of issues, identifying a range of possible solutions, and recommending the best one.

A core component of evaluating alternatives is to identify and understand the behaviours of affected groups. This is particularly important if a regulatory framework is being contemplated. The resulting behavioural profile is used both to weigh the effectiveness of various options and to prepare a compliance strategy, which identifies how to get various groups to conform to the wanted behaviours.

The advantages of different policy instruments are discussed, most notably regulations, standards, and guidelines.

The federal Regulatory Policy and the regulatory approvals process is also reviewed. Registration is usually limited to 16 participants.

Who will benefit from this workshop

This course is designed for policy analysts of the EC-2 to EC-6 levels, or equivalent. Experience in policy analysis is not required. Thus, new recruits or seasoned policy analysts will all benefit from this workshop.

What participants learn

  • A step-by-step process to assess policy options, including defining the problem, setting the objective, benefit-cost screening, and evaluating options;
  • How to develop a behavioural profile and basic environmental scan using fish-bone analysis and gender-based analysis;
  • How to prepare a compliance strategy;
  • How to assess policy/programme options;
  • How to build a logic model;
  • How to sell options to management; and,
  • An overview of the Cabinet Directive on Regulatory Management (where applicable).

Discounts for Workshops

Find out about the various discounts that are available when you take more than one workshop, or more than three co-workers sign for the same workshops. Coop students may be free.


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Brattle Street Round Table
440 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 200,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
K1R 7X6

Phone: (613) 612-4798
Email: learn@brattlestreet.ca

Last Updated: September 29, 2014


What people have said about this workshop

"Well done. Good course for new or experienced regulatory development officers. I learned a number of things that filled in gaps ..."

"Since I am new to my job in policy, this was a very good introduction for me. I will be strongly suggesting that I attend other courses offered."

"The instructor is awesome!"

"Should be a required course for people starting in Policy. I could have used it 2 years ago."

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