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Since its establishment in 1994, Brattle Street has provided legislative and regulatory services to the federal departments of Transport, Revenue, Fisheries and Oceans, National Defence, Health, and Justice; the Treasury Board Secretariat; and the Privy Council Office.

Brattle Street Services

Consulting services available from Brattle Street include:

  • Providing strategic advice in support of legislative and regulatory proposals.
  • Providing identification and analysis of legislative and regulatory options.
  • Identifying other instrument choices in support of, or instead of, legislative and regulatory proposals.
  • Providing documentation and submissions in support of legislative and regulatory proposals, including drafting of Memorandum to Cabinet (MCs), Regulatory Impact Analysis Statements (RIASs) and ministerial briefings.
  • Designing and facilitating consultations with internal and external stakeholders in support of regulatory and legislative proposals.
  • Providing core training to public servants involved with legislative and regulatory proposals.

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