Ian Hornby, a seasoned professional trainer, provides a series of practical workshops that build policy-development and briefing capacity.

These workshops, when taken in-house within a government department, are ideal opportunities for team building and establishing a common set of skills.

These time-tested sessions hone participants' abilities to:
  • research and analyze issues and develop a fact-based rationale for solutions
  • provide pertinent, strategic policy advice
  • communicate succinctly and clearly
  • evaluate results.
Ian has conducted workshops with thousands of public servants over the past three decades, receiving highly favourable evaluations. He is especially well-known for his Policy ToolBox workshop that he has been providing directly to departments for the past twenty-odd years. Hands-on learning is maximized through the use of case studies, group work, lecturettes with discussion, and videos. By special arrangement, some of these workshops are also offered in French.

Costs for Workshops

The following base prices are indicated for a typical class size of 12. Please contact us for particular pricing and arrangements to match your needs. In most cases, individual participants within a single department register directly with Brattle Street, who then shoulders most of the workshop's administration.

  • One day: $270 pp
  • Two days: $580 pp
  • Three days: $750 pp

Overview of Workshops

You can find additional information on each workshop by following the links below.

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Government Works!

An introduction to the mechanics of government

This three-day workshop provides participants with a comprehensive road map of federal government authorities, structures, and processes. It covers the mechanics of government and Parliament, policy-making and budgetary processes, legislation, and regulations among other topics. The topics are essential for newly-hired public servants. More Information

Policy ToolBox

Policy formulation in an evidence-based department

This three-day workshop provides both policy analysts and subject-matter experts with practical tools to help them formulate effective public policy. Starting with perceptions of a problem, such as what might flow from a risk assessment, epidemiological studies, or media reports, this workshop will help participants to apply an analytical framework and use tools to formulate credible policy options. They will gain tips on identifying and evaluating a full range of policy instruments, benefit-cost screening and creating a logic model, among other topics. More Information

Get the Data ToolBox

Tools for the inquiring mind: Giving value to GBA+ and other forms of qualitative research and analysis

This workshop first provides a general rubric for evidence-based decision-making and public involvement. We look at critical thought and examine bias from various vantage points. The core of the workshop is qualitative research and analysis and the associated tools of interviews and surveys. When it comes to GBA+, we'll look at gender, but also at the + of intersectional analysis. More Information

Strategic Briefings

Give 'the goods' in a few minutes or paragraphs

This two-day workshop builds participants' skills to apply a systematic process to develop and deliver concise briefings that are focused and on-target. Participants will gain tools and checklists to prepare a succinct briefing that is convincing and achieves the key objective. Participants will gain tips to analyze the audience and their information needs and address them directly, providing fearless advice when appropriate. Depending on a client's needs, this workshop can be oriented to either written or verbal briefings. More Information

Time and Project Management ToolBox

Ideas to better control your work days

This one-day workshop provides practical tools for time management and a survey of project management. Participants gain a suite of basic tools to help manage their work and time, which will reduce stress levels while increasing productivity. The session includes tips on balancing multiple, competing demands on their time and avoiding time traps. They will learn how to scope a project and create a project plan, develop a budget and estimate a schedule with PERT, whether the project is a week-long task or a year-long project with many team players. More Information

Performance Measurement and Evaluation ToolBox

An introduction to measuring efficiency and effectiveness

A policy is created; a programme is designed and then launched. Next comes short-term performance measurement which seeks to answer questions around efficiency. Then, after a longer period, it is time for an evaluation to assess effectiveness, which seeks to answer "How did we do?" and "Were we successful?" Too often performance measurement and evaluation is pushed to the back corner of an organization, often separating it from the specific programmes under review. This workshop seeks to provide policy analysts and programme and community managers with a set of integral tools to assess their own programmes and make adjustments as the need arises. . More Information

Consultation ToolBox

Planning effective interactions

This three-day workshop provides participants with exposure to the interpersonal and management skills required for successful interactions with stakeholders. Participants will learn how to apply a case management strategy that permits government to maximize the value of their interventions and minimize the use of scarce resources - both theirs and stakeholders. Opportunities are provided for participants to practice different stakeholder intervention techniques and to formulate a liaison plan. They will gain an improved ability to plan and conduct interactions with stakeholders. More Information

MC Writers' ToolBox

A strategic approach to writing Memoranda to Cabinet

This one-day workshop provides an overview of practical strategies for preparing and writing an effective Memorandum to Cabinet (MC) and for moving it through the system without unnecessary delay. MCs are used to receive program or policy approval from Cabinet and are essential to the decision-making process. Participants will gain an understanding of the Cabinet Document System and the MC's audience and how to deal with the hierarchy. They will learn when MCs are required and when Treasury Board Submissions are required. More Information

TB Sub ToolBox

A strategic approach to writing TB Subs

This two-day workshop provides strategies for preparing and writing a successful Treasury Board Submission (TB Sub) and for moving it through the system without unnecessary delay. Participants will gain an appreciation of the planning environment in which TB Subs are considered and how TB Subs are used to secure new spending authorities based on a solidly substantiated rationale. Topics include a detailed review of the financial planning process, results-based management, logic models and risk management. More Information

Language of Instruction

Workshops are provided in English. However, we remain committed to providing workshops in both official languages when numbers warrant. In many cases, we can provide course material in French when requested in advance and would try to arrange for one breakout group to work in French, when practical.

To Book a Workshop

Contact Ian to discuss how and when we can offer your group a workshop. Ian Hornby:
Phone: (613) 612-4798
Email: learn@brattlestreet.ca
Website: www.brattlestreet.ca

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