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Consultations that Respect Stakeholders' and Government's Needs

This workshop provides participants with exposure to the interpersonal and management skills required for successful interactions with stakeholders.

$1,195 + GST Three days

  • March 18 to 20, 2009

Location and Time

440 Laurier Avenue West, 2nd floor. 9:00am to 5:00 pm.


The workshop will provide participants with exposure to both the interpersonal and management skills required for successful interactions with stakeholders. Participants will learn how to maximize the value of their interventions and minimize the use of scarce resources- theirs and stakeholders'. The information in this workshop is equally useful for consulting with a colleague in the next office or for leading a town hall meeting. Opportunities are provided for participants to practice different stakeholder intervention techniques and to formulate a liaison plan. In order to ensure maximum participation and learning, registration is limited to 12 participants for this workshop.

Who will benefit from this workshop

This course is designed for policy analysts of the AS-3 to AS-7 level, or equivalent. Experience with consultations is not required. Thus, new recruits or seasoned policy analysts will all benefit from this workshop. It is strongly recommended that participants have already taken the Policy Analysts' ToolBox.

What participants learn

  • Principles and strategies of good consultations;
  • How to organize and manage a meeting;
  • How to manage consultations, using a step-by-step implementation plan;
  • How to chose the best consultation strategy for a particular need; and
  • How to handle interventions with stakeholders.


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What people have said about this workshop

"Using real cases was quite advantageous."

"Excellent. I have a real possibility now for a consultation."

"Very intense and engaging. Excellent course."