Consultations ToolBox

Planning effective interactions

This workshop provides participants with exposure to the interpersonal and management skills required for successful interactions with stakeholders.

Three days - $750 pp + HST

Contact us for possible dates.


Participants will learn how to apply a case management strategy that permits government to maximize the value of their interventions and minimize the use of scarce resources - both theirs and stakeholders. Opportunities are provided for participants to practice different stakeholder intervention techniques and to formulate a liaison plan.

Who will benefit from this workshop

This course is designed for policy analysts of the EC-3 to EC-7 levels, or equivalent. Experience with consultations is not required.

What participants learn

1. Theory
  • Group dynamics
  • What is consultations versus communications?
  • Why consult?
  • Keys to success
  • Communications and listening
2. Knowledge and Skills
Interaction Techniques:
  • Normative Group Technique
  • Active listening
  • Focus groups (benchmarking the problem)
  • Planning
  • Iterative planning
  • Documenting
  • Situational Consultations
  • Checklists

Workshop Facilitator

Ian Hornby

To book a workshop

Contact Ian to discuss how and when he can offer your group a workshop.

Ian Hornby:
Phone: (613) 612-4798
Email: learn@brattlestreet.ca
Website: www.brattlestreet.ca

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