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Brattle Street Training

Brattle Street Round Table has been providing a wide array of training to the federal government since 1994. Most of this training is now offered directly to departments in formats and at times convenient to their needs. Email us for details.


Workshops provided by Brattle Street Round Table have consistently received more ratings of excellent (five points) than any other rating on a scale of one to five. Brattle Street workshops are highly regarded because:

  • No Lectures Learning is assisted through discussion and example, not through monologues.
  • Practice All three-day workshops feature hands-on practice sessions in small groups.
  • Experience Most training is offered by Ian Hornby, who has a breadth of experience in the federal public service.
  • Silver Platter Service Brattle Street food and beverages are second to none.

Brattle Street Offers Four Workshops

You can find additional information on each workshop by following the links below or to the left.

Government Works

How Government Works; How You Can Work More Effectively in Government

This introductory workshop will help experienced analysts and new employees alike understand how proposals for policies and programmes move through government. More Information

Policy Analysts' ToolBox

How to Formulate Regulations and Other Government Programs

This workshop provides participants with many of the core skills needed to initiate and refine a regulatory programme or any other kind of programme or policy. More Information

Consultation ToolBox

Consultations that Respect both Stakeholders' and Government's Needs

This workshop provides participants with exposure to the interpersonal and management skills required for successful interactions with stakeholders. More Information

Communications ToolBox

How to Improve Communications between You and Managers

This workshop provides a set of essential skills for communicating good policy alternatives to senior managers and ministers. More Information

Discounts for Workshops

Find out about the various discounts that are available when you take more than one workshop, or more than three co-workers sign for the same workshops. Coop students may be free.

Language of Instruction

Workshops are provided in English. However, Brattle Street Round Table remains committed to providing workshops in both official languages when numbers warrant. We will provide course material in French when requested in advance and try to arrange for one breakout group to work in French.


Click here to find out how to register.

Last Updated: September 29, 2014
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