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Quick Quiz Answers

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Multiple Choice

Which of the following is not a central agency within the federal government:

  1. the Privy Council Office
  2. the Treasury Board Secretariat
  3. the Treasury Board

  4. the Department of Justice
  5. the Department of Finance


The Treasury Board is a Cabinet Committee. For all intents and purposes, the Department of Finance is considered to be a central agency.

Which of the following are not Cabinet committees:
  1. The Cabinet Committee on Propaganda and Enlightenment

  2. The Treasury Board
  3. The Special Committee Of Counsel

  4. The Cabinet Committee on Domestic Affairs
  5. The Special Joint Committee on the Scrutiny of Legislation and Regulations

  6. The Cabinet Committee on Aboriginal Affairs
  7. The Cabinet Committee on Constitutional Affairs

  8. The Cabinet Committee on Defense and Security

Before a bill can be drafted, it must be approved by which of the following:
  1. the Special Joint Committee on the Scrutiny of Legislation and Regulations
  2. the House of Commons
  3. the House of Commons and the Senate
  4. the Cabinet

  5. the Department of Justice

Which of the following would not be useful for you to determine the current priorities of government:
  1. the RPP
  2. the Estimates
  3. the Budget
  4. the DPR

  5. the Throne speech


Departmental Performance Reports are tabled in Parliament about six months after the end of the fiscal year.

True or False?

The Prime Minister is also a Member of Parliament.


The Clerk of the Privy Council is the personal secretary of the Prime Minister.


MC means Minister of Committee.


Records of Decision from cabinet committees are tabled in Parliament.


Lawyers who work in a Departmental Legal Services unit are part of the Department of Justice.


In order to remain neutral, the Minister of Justice cannot sit on any Cabinet committees.


The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is also the Solicitor General of Canada.


Most Cabinet business is conducted by Cabinet Committees.


The Canadian Consultation Act requires that public servants consult Canadians in the formulation of all major government policies.


The Secretary to the Treasury Board is a Deputy Minister.


The Attorney General is the "top bureaucrat" in the federal government.


All government bills must be considered in the House of Commons before they are considered in the Senate, sometimes called the "House of second sober thought".


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