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Charts and Diagrams

Helpful structural and process charts for Canadian public Servants

(Beta page under construction)

The following diagrams are half-size thumbnails of the diagrams that are distributed in various Brattle Street Workshops. Right-clicking on any of the diagrams will allow you to download full-size copies in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

Brattle Street reserves all moral rights to these works

You are free to download and print as many copies as you wish, as long as the following is observed:
  • You may not alter any diagram or chart in anyway, including removing any references to Brattle Street.
  • None of the charts or diagrams may be used or distributed in any meeting, workshop, or training session.
  • These charts and diagrams may not be used for any commerical purpose.

Charts from the Workshop: (How) Government Works!
Charts from the Workshop: Policy Analysts' ToolBox

Government Works!

Government Works! is a two-day workshop that describes the organization of government and legislative and policy-development processes within the federal government.

Canadian National Government Structure Description
cover Overview of Policy Process Description
cover Overview of Canadian Legislative Process Description (Two-page chart)
cover Parties in Parliament Description
cover Financial Cycle Description

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Policy Analysts' ToolBox

cover Analytical Framework Description
cover Constellation of Policy Instruments Description

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