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Useful Books and Links for Policy Analysts

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Books on Policy Development
Books on Communications and Consultations
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Books on Policy Development

The following are books that I have read and liked enough to recommend to others. Clicking on any of the links or book covers will take you to Amazon.ca from where you can purchase these books (Amazon.ca is a joint venture of Amazon and Canada Post). I have offered links to alternate editions where practical (soft or hard cover, and in two cases French translations). Enjoy.

cover A Primer for Policy Analysis This was the text book for my policy course at the Kennedy School, written by two of the leading profs at the School. A good overview of policy formulation and a survey of various analytical techniques, although some of these chapters require a comfort with quantitative analysis and micro economics. Soft cover.
cover Smart Choices When I rewrote my Policy Workshop in 2003, this book both validated my approach and gave me a few new ideas. The book provides a general decision-making framework, and illustrates the application of a series of tools. Problem is, some of the tools are just a little too quantitative for what is essentially a qualitative assessment. I would not recommend this book to anyone who has taken the Policy Analysts' ToolBox workshop since 2003. Also available in hard Cover (Up to a four-week wait).
cover Making Decisions Many parents will be familiar with the format of DK children's books, and this small book is no exception. It is a very accessible book, with scores of illustrations and captions, built around a 101 ideas/steps for successful decision-making. I like this book so much that I give it away at one of my policy workshops at Health Canada. Version française
cover The Regulatory Craft Subtitled: Controlling Risks, Solving Problems and Managing Compliance. I haven't read this yet, but it's by my bed-side table and the table of contents looks great. By another prof at the Kennedy School, so how could anyone go wrong reading this?
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Books on Communications and Consultations

cover The Tipping Point It is important for analysts to be mindful of how effective communications can improve regulatory compliance. The tipping point is the point at which ideas take off and develop a life of their own. This book explores the three key facets that contribute to "epidemics" of ideas: the law of the few, the stickiness factor, and the power of context. The book describes many fascinating case studies and group dynamic experiments. This book is wonderfully written and was a pleasure to read from cover to cover during my 2003 Cuba visit. Also available in soft cover.
cover The Wisdom of Crowds If you ever doubted the value of larger internal working groups or of external stakeholders in producing better policy, you will find this book inspirational. The first part is better than the second, and there are some areas where the author goes round in circles, but it is a pleasurable and easy read and well worth the commitment of both money and reading time. As with The Tipping Point, the book describes many fascinating case studies and group dynamic experiments. A pleasurable read during my Cuba 2005 visit.
cover Communicate Clearly Another DK book by the author of the DK book already recommended above. I haven't even ordered this yet, but it's worth a try. Version française

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Useful Web links

The following links are referenced in Brattle Street's workshops. If you find a broken link, please email Brattle Street, as we try to keep these links up-to-date, even as other pages on this site grow old.

Current Speech from the Throne This link is for the current Throne Speech only. See below for older ones.

Previous Speeches from the Throne This link provides a listing of all archived PCO documents. For previous Throne Speeches select "S" from the index at the top.

Memoranda to Cabinet This link provides a link to download a Zip file containing MS Word templates and an overview for MCs effective September 2008.

The Budget This link is broken.

Estimates From here you can find links for the Main Estimates for 1996/7 to the present and also links to the Part IIIs, also known as Reports on Plans and Priorities.

Treasury Board Policies This link will take you to a table of contents for all major Treasury Board policies.

Proposed Legislation This House of Commons site provides a list government bills for the 1st session of the 40th Parliament. From here, bills for other sessions can be selected from the list on the left.

Canada Gazette This link will take you to a list of Canada Gazettes published over the past 18 months. By using the navigation buttons at the left of this page, you will be able to link to other Gazette publications.

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